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Who’d wear a fur coat?

Especially in this weather. Rats don’t like hot weather, and have been shown to have a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder making them depressed in summer, because of the longer days. Our rat room is one of the coolest rooms … Continue reading

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Settling in

The new girls are getting used to us, and we’re getting used to them. They are typical babies, bouncy and energetic, hanging off the bars as soon as you go in the room.   Boots has a tickle spot, which … Continue reading

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A few cage photos

We are back to sweltering temperatures here, so the rats get a slightly pared-down cage setup rather than loads of paper and cosy hammocks. We have solved the conundrum of the half-width shelves in the boys’ cage, so I thought after cleaning today … Continue reading

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Feeling hot, hot, hot

Atypically for Britain, we have hot weather at the moment. This week the temperature has been routinely in the mid 20s (Centigrade) during the day and mid teens at night. I’m not much of a hot weather person myself but … Continue reading

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Hot or cold

We’ve had a funny week here, me and the ratties. A little eventful but not really in bad ways. Busy, with some annoying weather and minor injuries, plus a visit (for me, anyway) to friends. The weather has been on the … Continue reading

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