Starting again

Hello, it’s been a while. Things have moved on. We have had a break of about four months from having rats and are just getting going again.

So on Sunday we took on three youngsters and two adults from a breeder in Cambridgeshire. Photos so far are not great quality as I’ve been using my phone, so please excuse the out-of-focus stuff.

The adults are called Coffee Girl (because she’s coffee-coloured):coffee girl 22 may 2017

And Leggy McLegface (because she’s got a scar on her leg from a lump removal):

leggy 22 may 2017

(They came to us named, by the way.)

The babies are Snufkin (black Berkshire dumbo):

snufkin 22 may 2017

Little My (black, top-eared):

little my 22 may 2017

And The Snork Maiden (mink, top-eared):

snork maiden 22 may 2017

Currently I am trying to get all five into one group so they’re in a rather empty cage in the living room. It’s better than yesterday when they were all in a hamster cage, but they’re still squabbling a bit so they have to stay as they are for now. When I went out to work earlier, the adults and Snufkin were curled up in one corner:

25 may progress (2)

and Little My and the Snork Maiden were in another:

25 may progress (1)

(How cute is the Snork Maiden?)

When I got back from work, the Snork Maiden was by herself and the other four were all snuggled up:

25 may progress (5)

and it looks as though Coffee Girl is throwing her weight around a bit. The babies seem to be submitting to her but she’s in a bit of a strop at the moment. I think she and Leggy are trying to sort out who’s boss.

Once they can settle down they’ll go in the top half of the big cage, and what they don’t know yet is I’ve bought the biggest rat wheel I could find for them:

25 may progress (6)

Can’t wait to see them running around in that!


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2 Responses to Starting again

  1. ramblingratz says:

    They are beautiful, and someone is a fellow Moomins fan 🙂

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