News of Lias

You may remember that Lias returned to his breeder in January. Since then, he’s been doing his best to ensure he’s never forgotten – so far he’s fathered three litters. I went over today to see how he’s doing and meet my “grandkids” – the babies are adorable, of course, but Lias couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and say hello. In fairness he was cuddled up with Ingrid, his favourite lady, and he seems very happy indeed.

The oldest of his litters is nearly four weeks old now, growing fast and very friendly.

some of litter 1

Just a few of the little bundles of adorableness

These two boys already have a home to go to:

cat's boyscat's boys again

(And it’s not us, before you ask!)

This litter is a few days old – two boys, four girls:

litter 2

And this is the most recent:

litter 3

Our aim is to have some of Lias’s offspring at some point – possibly from the two most recent litters, but we’ll have to see!

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