New little ones!

Yesterday was the NFRS Christmas show – we weren’t showing anyone but had planned to go anyway as it was only a short way away. We’d also arranged to have three girls from a friend who breeds nice silver fawns, and it turned out that the show was the best chance we would have of all being in the same room at the same time, so it was New Rats Day!

The three girls were all born around 27th Aug (actually two (or one) on the 25th and one (or two) on the 29th so we are splitting the difference). They’re pretty much identical so when we get chance we will put coloured marks on their tails so we can tell them apart. They will be called Foible, Mymble and Toffle and names will be assigned when we put the marks on.

Yesterday they were quite shy so we didn’t bother them too much. This morning I went to see how they were getting on and they had hoovered up all the food (we are scatter-feeding them, as it’s what they are used to) which is reassuring. They were not keen on coming out the igloo to have their pictures taken, though:


This evening they were all out and about and seem to be gaining confidence and exploring their new home:


You can refer back to this picture to prove that there’s actually three rats.

And I got some nice close-ups too.


I promise there’s three. This is all going to be lots of fun…

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6 Responses to New little ones!

  1. Aw they are beautiful! X

  2. ramblingratz says:

    They are beautiful 🙂

  3. 😮 they are stunning! Do you mind me asking which breeder? I’ve been after silverfawns since we started researching rats three years ago, I’ve only ever had one (by chance, a rescue hooded) but I’d love a self or berky silverfawn in the future!

    • ownedbyrats says:

      They’re from Michele at Comis Stud – she’s on the list of breeders on the NFRS website, she’s based in Bedford. The link for the website doesn’t work but she does have a Facebook page for Comis 🙂

      • Ah, I’ve been eyeing up Comis for a while 🙂 She’s one of our closest breeders now we’ve moved to Essex, I’ll definitely remember that she has an SF line 🙂 We’re hoping to get a new trio between next Spring and Autumn, depending on when our older ones pass on.

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