We will be ready for Hallowe’en

A few weeks ago I visited our friend N (maker of the lovely crowns and Xmas hats the rats have been seen modelling in previous posts). She has been working on some new items – over the summer she made butterfly wings, and for Hallowe’en she has been trying out bat wings, dragon wings and pirate hats. She was kind enough to give me some bat wings and today I decided we would try them out, and see how the boys took to them.

First up was Drumknott, who was fairly unimpressed:SONY DSCSONY DSC

Shame, as I thought the black and green combo would suit him.

Lias was a bit happier, and even looked as though he thought if he could get up high enough he’d be able to fly:


Later we got Cosmo and the girls out for a bit of a run, though they were reluctant to co-operate at all which didn’t fill me with confidence…


But we did eventually get them out of the carrier tray…SONY DSC

and there was even a bit of exploring…


The bat wings would be far too big for the girls so we tried them on Cosmo.


After some initial discomfort he did get use to them:


Though like Lias was apparently frustrated at his inability to take off.


Cosmo: It’s not fair! why can’t I fly? Dimity: There there, dear. Perhaps you just need more practice.

On balance, I think Lias wore them best.


O hai! U liek ma wings?

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2 Responses to We will be ready for Hallowe’en

  1. So cute with the wings. You have a nice group.

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