Losing Dotsie

The first of our three rescue girls to leave us. I know from others who had rats from the same rescue that they are starting to have health problems and a few have already died so I have been keeping an eye on ours. Dotsie became ill during the week, apparently in pain though there was no obvious cause. A trip to the vets was inconclusive, though she was uncharacteristically docile which worried me. We got some anti-inflammatories for her to help with whatever pain she was in and she seemed to perk up a little, though she didn’t have much appetite.

On Friday night, though, it was clear she was deteriorating fast, as she was unresponsive. She died before we had chance to get her to a vet, though in all honesty a vet could only have helped her passing. We suspect it was a pituitary tumour, a cruel fate which robs the rat of co-ordination and the ability to feed and wash. If caught early enough its progress can be slowed down but in Dotsie’s case the time from first symptom to being too far gone to do anything was very swift. Perhaps a good thing – I don’t think she suffered once we were giving her painkillers, and ultimately was not really aware of anything around her.

Sorry we couldn’t do more for you, Dotsie. Your friends are missing you.


Dotsie a few days after she first came to us, Oct 2015


And her resting place, under a pretty heuchera called Tapestry

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5 Responses to Losing Dotsie

  1. ramblingratz says:

    I’m so sorry about Dotsie, what a sweet little face! They have such short lives, all we can do is try to make them happy during their stay.

  2. So sorry for your loss, they don’t live anywhere near long enough 😦

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