Past rats: Roxie

We are overdue again for a Past Rats post – I wrote about Tallulah and Zelda in August 2014. Disgraceful.

Well, Roxie was a lot of rat in a very small package. She came up for rehoming on a rat forum a few days after Tallulah’s untimely death in January 2008 and being the soft touch that I am, I jumped. She had been alone, mis-sexed and then taken on by someone who only had boys but thankfully discovered the mistake before attempting an intro. She was about 6 months old, and that was all we knew.

So we took her home, and put her with Tau who was bottom of the heap and very accepting of everyone. Over the next few weeks we introduced her to one or two of the others and it all seemed to be ok, until we tried her with the whole group. At which point she challenged Zelda, who was over twice her size. Zel swiftly put her in her place and we thought that would be fine.

Roxie took a real dislike to Sigma, who was now Zel’s second-in-command. A few times I had to take her out of the cage and give her time out with one of the others because I found nasty injuries on Sigma. After a few months Halo had died and a friend had two little girls looking for a home so we took them on thinking Roxie could boss them around and she’d be happier, but she hated them and tried to bully them. I well remember having them all out on our bed and seeing Roxie chase one of the babies up onto J’s shoulder, only for Zelda to get between them and face Roxie down. The other girls accepted the babies, no problem.

Over the summer both Tau and Evey died, leaving Roxie having to get on with Zel, Sigma and the babies (now named Magna and Chira). Sigma and Zelda both died in December 2008 and Roxie just had to get on with it – which to her credit she did, though old age probably played its part. By the time she died, in July 2009, she was as well bonded with them as we could have hoped, and we rather missed our little firebrand.


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2 Responses to Past rats: Roxie

  1. ramblingratz says:

    She was quite a character 🙂

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