Show results – we got rosettes!

Last time I said we would be going to the Heart of England Rat Club Christmas show – well, I usually do the kitchen, which means tea and coffee and lots of bacon & sausage sandwiches. This time I also made curried sweet potato soup and Mum kindly provided a chocolate cake and a large quantity of mince pies – yum.

Lias and Drumknott were both in reasonable condition so I took a punt on showing them, and decided to try them in Varieties as well as Pets – I think I’ve talked about this before, but Varieties is all about standards of colour, markings, head & body shape and so on, while Pets is more about temperament and character. Usually you have to choose whether to show a rat in either Pets or Varieties but HERC let you put the same rat in both. I expected the boys to do fairly well in Pets, though they’re still a bit young and haven’t developed the laid-back-to-the-max attitude of the fully adult buck, but Varieties was more of a bit of fun to see what a judge would say about them, and I didn’t think we’d come home with much.

Which tells you right there that I have no powers of prediction. We got a bunch of certificates for Pets but nothing rosette-worthy, but in Varieties Lias got Best Rex and Best Russian Rex, while Drumknott got Best Black and also Stud Buck, which is one of those things I always thought went to a breeder rather than a pet owner. Anyway, I took some pictures of them with their lovely rosettes and ribbons this morning:


Lias looking modest


Drumknott: “Mum! Look what I won!”

Clever boys!


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3 Responses to Show results – we got rosettes!

  1. Oh my goodness they are beautiful! Your rexy especially! I want to show but don’t have any suitable ones to show (always ill or just generally antisocial around strangers!). I need to see when my local shows are and go have a nosey!

    • ownedbyrats says:

      Shows are fun, and you don’t have to take rats, you can just go along and have a cuppa and chat to people 🙂 The main reason I do the kitchen is because I rarely show and it gives me something to do, and as I ended up on the committee I feel I should make the effort to get to shows.

      Having a quick nosey at your blog it looks as though the London and Southern Counties Mouse & Rat Club is probably your best bet, though there’s also the National Fancy Rat Society who have a lot of shows so there may be one near you.

      Your boy Haku was gorgeous, I’m so sorry he left you. Such a handsome lad.

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