Getting in the mood for Christmas

Yes, it’s still over a month away. But with the Heart of England Rat Club Christmas show fast approaching, it seemed a good opportunity to try and get my head around the inevitable approaching season.

Most of our current residents will be experiencing their first Christmas. How much any of them remember from one year to the next I wouldn’t like to guess but I doubt it’s very much. Still, they will get gifts, and some nice food, and a few extra treats.

Last year I did a proper photo session with some of the kids but today only the two boys were awake, so it was a bit more rushed and impromptu. I tried them with the little hats earlier in the day and they seemed fine but when this afternoon rolled around they didn’t want to know – Lias in particular removed his pretty much straight away.

"Any idea what we're meant to do with these?" "Not a clue. Just look cute."

“Any idea what we’re meant to do with these?”
“Not a clue. Just look cute.”

Least convincing Santa's-Little-Helper ever.

Least convincing Santa’s-Little-Helper ever.

Much happier without the hat.

Much happier without the hat.

"Not sure what this is all about..."

“Not sure what this is all about…”

"... But this is mine now."

“… But this is mine now.”

So, we’ll be at the HERC show in two weeks’ time, and if no-one’s sneezing or covered in scabs by then we might even show someone, you never know. There’ll be food, a raffle, a quiz and maybe even some home-made mince pies. Come along and say hello if you’re in the area!

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4 Responses to Getting in the mood for Christmas

  1. ramblingratz says:

    I’m starting to feel festive now 😉

  2. Polo says:

    I am going to expire of the cuteness. Now I’m feeling all festive.

  3. brenabear says:

    So much cuteness! Those little hats are adorable!

  4. cheyennemartin says:

    So cute! My girls cannot stand any hats, glad to see they are not the only ones!

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