And the new girls have names. Finally.

It’s taken nearly a week, but we got there in the end. No new pictures today because they refused to co-operate last night, but the girls are now named Dimity, Keepsake and Dotsie (explanations in the links for each name).







They are still very nervous around us but have settled well with Cosmo. It’s possible that they were handled roughly before they were rescued, or just not handled much at all. They will come up to me and examine my hands while I’m making a fuss of Cosmo, but then turn tail if I try to touch them. Things will improve, I’m sure – they just need time and patience.

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One Response to And the new girls have names. Finally.

  1. My girls were like this when I first got them. My boyfriend and I wanted rats so we each bought one from the petstore- in the end I ended up taking them to my house (he got a dog and kitten and I wanted some company at home.) Now the two love attention and run up to the cage anytime someone comes close!

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