Oh, hello, Square One. You’re back, are you?

So my last blog post was overly optimistic. We had a week of occasional standoffishness, mostly quiet and the odd noisy squabble, but some togetherness. Then we had a week of things deteriorating, including some nasty (but thankfully superficial) injuries on Lias’s back. It was difficult to tell where the trouble came from – Drumknott would screech at Cosmo with no apparent provocation, but Cosmo’s main problems seemed to be with Lias.

It started to look as though there were problems on both sides. Cosmo was no angel but the little boys could have been winding him up. It also became clear that the little boys were not coming out of the hammock if they could help it and I began to worry that they were too afraid of Cosmo to get any food or water. They must have been having some but they were increasingly reluctant to take anything from the bowl.

So we decided to swap all three into a smaller cage with very little furniture and have them in the living room where we could see what was actually going on.

That lasted less than fifteen minutes. Some initial aggro, than the little boys retreated to one of the top corners of the cage and clung to the bars. Eventually Lias made his way down only for Cosmo to attack him – it was beyond vicious. I have no idea what has gone wrong here but I couldn’t let it go on. Lias and Drumknott have gone back into the cage they were in before and are now much happier about exploring and using more of the space. Cosmo has stayed in the smaller cage in the living room and is also much happier and less huffy.

So we are very much back to square one. I’m going to get Cosmo checked over by the vet as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday) and make sure he’s otherwise in good shape, then he’ll get snipped as soon as possible. We might try him with the little boys again once he’s done, or we might just admit final defeat and find him some girlfriends. We’ve had more success that way than with introing boys to each other, let’s face it.

And no more boys after these ones. This time I mean it.

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2 Responses to Oh, hello, Square One. You’re back, are you?

  1. ramblingratz says:

    Ratties are complicated 😉

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