Where did the last month go?

We seem to have been busy here! Not that I have much to show for it on the ratty front, but there’s no other explanation for the lack of posts…

Anyway, I’m here now. The baby boys are growing fast and Cosmo is already bigger than some of our girls. They have entered the “Must wind Mum and Dad up by pretending to fight all the time” phase and the crashes and squeaks can be heard all over the house. They seem happy, though. They love coming out for a run, especially if Dad is wearing his sweatshirt with the pocket on the front – that’s the best thing ever!

After Cromarty departed I ordered a little sculpture from Solstice Minis of a silver fawn rat dressed as Captain Reynolds from Firefly, one of my favourite programmes ever. It was based on this picture:


And this is the result:

Which I think you’ll agree is adorable. He’s even got the little gloves. He’ll join our other mini rats on the mantlepiece.

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2 Responses to Where did the last month go?

  1. Ok, the hooman actually just squealed furry loudly when she saw Mal! Glad to meet somefurry else who share her huge love of this show!


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