First loss of the year

Entirely expected, in fact the vet said we had done well to keep him in reasonable health for as long as we did. But today was the day my lovely ginger boy Cromarty had to meet the Grim Squeaker at last. His breathing took a turn for the worse last weekend and he seemed to lack the energy to eat – at first we soldiered on with me hand-feeding him soft foods but last night he would only have his blob of pudding with his meds in it, and this morning he wouldn’t even have that.

Sleep tight, handsome. I’m going to miss you.

*sigh* "Ok, I suppose. How's this angle?"

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7 Responses to First loss of the year

  1. ramblingratz says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Cromarty. You did your best for him and I’m sure the happy memories will help soften your sadness.

  2. Betheratgirl says:

    You have my condolences. My mischief and I will be sending positive thoughts in your direction.

  3. Sorry to hear of the loss. Last week I lost my boy D’Vito, my last remaining rat. He was slightly over two. He lived in a large cage in my bedroom, so missing him is constant. It took me a while to empty and clean the cage, but I figured it was for the best since I kept thinking he was still there. But an empty cage makes the loss so final. It’s so hard to lose them, even after so many years of sharing my life with rats. My condolences.

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