Looking forwards

It’s no accident that most of my blog posts get written on Sundays. Sunday afternoon is cage cleaning time and that gives me an hour or so to think about what I might want to write.

Though the title for this is “Looking forwards” there’s bound to be some Looking Back as well. It occurred to me last night that it’s been just over a year since the three boys moved in, and though it hasn’t been a year of massive changes it did change the way we operate our rat room to a certain extent. 2015 will almost certainly see a lot of change, though, as we have an ageing group and losses will be inevitable.

At the moment the five girls are all doing pretty well, but Sam has two or three lumps and Susan has one (all growing more slowly than they would normally do, thanks to Galastop). They’re over two years old now but not really showing many signs of age, though with the lumps I do wonder how long that will continue. The other three are all around the 18 months mark so could easily be with us another year. All three are in good health; Ragweed is going bald but that’s a rex thing.

Biscay and his girls are also doing well, though he’s got very tubby. It doesn’t seem to slow him down, which is a good thing. Misty and Boots are around 18 months old and I assume Biscay is a similar age – by the time he came here he’d fathered a litter and the babies were around 10-12 weeks old so if he is younger than the girls it won’t be by much.

Fitzroy and Cromarty are still my cuddly boys. I do love having a pair of soppy daft lads (Fitzroy is a bit less so than Cromarty, but he won’t turn down a cuddle if it’s offered). Cromarty’s respiness seems to be responding, slowly, to treatment for congestive heart failure and as he is a lot less lethargic than any rat with CHF I’ve had before, I am optimistic that we have caught it early and he will be with us for a while yet. As with Biscay we don’t know how old they are, but they were fully grown when they came here and I assumed then that they were around 9 to 12 months old, so they could be as much as two now. Like Sam and Susan, if they are two they don’t seem to show it.

So we don’t really know what this year will bring, but I do expect to have some changes in residents over the coming months. Let’s hope there aren’t too many all at once.

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