Another Christmas

Christmas followed the usual pattern here yesterday, though for the boys it was all new and they seemed a bit surprised by it. The ratties got their lunch after we had ours – the photos are a little fuzzy as the battery in my camera was flat so I used my phone, apologies for that, and also for not getting a pic of everyone – the photos of Fitzroy and Misty just didn’t come out very well at all.

Cromarty having his Christmas lunch

Cromarty having his Christmas dinner

They had chicken, carrots, Yorkshire pud and gravy. Sprouts aren’t very good for them – not cooked, anyway, but my lot are prima donnas about raw veg so I didn’t try them with raw.

Biscay tucking in

Biscay tucking in

Boots likes Christmas dinner

Boots likes Christmas dinner

Some of the girls were just too comfy in their Christmassy hammock and didn't want to get up

Some of the girls were just too comfy in their Christmassy hammock and didn’t want to get up

But in the end they were all tempted, and every scrap got eaten

But in the end they were all tempted, and every scrap got eaten

Later on, in the evening, we gave them their stocking (from Christmas Stockings for Pets). They also had a box of treats from my mum, and of course their new hammocks which they’ve had since Sunday.

Again the boys were a bit unsure what was going on…

"Dis for me?"

“Dis for me?”

Fitzroy in particular wanted nothing to do with it until we got a present out for him



"Well, if you insist."

“Well, if you insist.”

The boys got hazelnuts and peanuts in their shells, which they took back to the cage and which have now vanished. Possibly under a pile of bedding, but I hope they managed to get into them eventually.

The girls were a lot less hesitant.

"Ours. Definitely."

“Ours. Definitely. But what do we do with it?”

"Things! There's things in here!"

“Things! There’s things in here!”



And commence unwrapping.

And commence unwrapping.

The girls’ selection was mostly tasty snacks, though they also found one of those little edible toothbrush chews which was popular.

Last but not least, Biscay and his girls had a go. Surprisingly Biscay wasn’t terrified of the stocking, though I couldn’t persuade him to show any interest in any of the actual contents.

"Hmm. This seems to contain food."

“Hmm. This seems to contain food.”

"I will let the girls go first in case the food is a lie."

“I will let Boots go first in case the food is a lie.”



"Well, if you're sure it's safe."

“Well, if you’re sure it’s safe.”

So that was our ratty Christmas. They all seemed pretty happy with their haul. And of course it was Sam and Susan’s second birthday as well – they still behave like rats half their age and long may that continue.

Hoping that Santa brought you and yours everything you asked for.

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