A busy couple of weeks

The ratties have been keeping us busy lately. We’ve had the two big boys on antibiotics for weeks trying to get rid of their sniffles – Fitzroy is a lot better but Cromarty is still sneezy and I’m wondering if it is actually allergy-related. The pollen count has been ridiculous this year, J and I have both had worse hayfever than usual as have many other people, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if rats with their delicate respiratory systems had similar trouble. I may try him with some children’s liquid anti-histamine and see if that helps.

Yesterday was the inaugural show of the Heart of England Rat Club, as as it wasn’t too far away from us and involved a lot of people we know, we went along. I had planned to take Cromarty and Fitzroy as shoulder rats but with the sniffles that was out of the question.

I’d also thought about putting Susan in the Pets class but with amazing timing she sprouted two small lumps at the start of the week, which put paid to that idea. Thankfully the vets at the practice we use are all very no-nonsense about these things and after a check-up on Tuesday to make sure she was otherwise in good health, they whipped both lumps off in Wednesday. She is absolutely fine, healing beautifully and went back in the main cage on Thursday evening because she was giving me evils and chewing the bars of the hospital cage. But of course I couldn’t show her, or even take her as a shoulder rat. We took Scarecrow and Sirocco as shoulder rats and they were very well behaved, so for the next show in  August I may put Scarecrow in Pets and see how she does.

It was also a good chance to catch up with a few people we haven’t seen in a while, and to cuddle some lovely rats. And we won some raffle prizes! So all in all, a good day.

And no, we haven’t put any more decals up yet.

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