A new plant for Cora

Things have mostly been quiet on the rat front here – since my last post, Sirocco has had some arguments with the bigger girls but they seem to have sorted themselves out, and Fitzroy and Cromarty have both been sniffly and are now on antibiotics, but other than that there’s been no real news.

By contrast, it’s been all go over at the gardening blog! It’s that time of year when we are concentrating on getting the garden just right so we can sit and enjoy it over the summer. It does cross over into the rat world of course as regulars will know – when our ratties pass we bury them under a nice plant. Occasionally (well, fairly often actually) the plants don’t survive for one reason or another, and have to be replaced. Cora left us over two years ago and was placed in a terracotta pot with a patio rose – a very pretty one – but after two summers of beautiful flowers, something got at the rose and it was eaten to nothing last year.

Yesterday we went out plant-buying and found some very nice hebes, so Cora now has a smart new plant:


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2 Responses to A new plant for Cora

  1. Inaji says:

    Oh, that’s lovely. I’ll be planting Bee Balm over the ones we have lost this year.

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