Na na na na na na na na RATMAAAAAN!

So I treated myself to this little guy. He came up on one of those snap sales on Facebook – you know, the “first person to comment ‘Sold’ gets me” sort of sales, and I jumped.


Isn’t he adorable? He was made by an acquaintance who used to make felties but has had to give up, sadly. The rabbits she made were so realistic it was amazing. So, you can see why I couldn’t resist Ratman!

In other news, it’s been eventful here but I think we are settling down again. Sirocco has finally been removed from her sisters and Biscay, and put back with the four bigger girls – she was too keen to be alpha over Biscay and though he knew he should be alpha and was trying to put her in her place he’s really too much of a softie. The big girls, on the other hand, have an established hierarchy and she has just had to fit in somewhere near the bottom – they will not stand any nonsense from her, and she knows that. So everyone has sorted themselves out.

The downside has been that Biscay became very sniffly, possibly triggered in part by stress. We have had him on antibiotics since Tuesday but improvement has been slow. This morning he’s better than he has been for some days so I’m hopeful that we’ve turned a corner. No sooner had we started treating his sniffles than he managed to hurt one back foot and was limping around in a melodramatic fashion. Still, he was already on an anti-inflammatory as well as the ABs so that helped.

Pinch is still with us but is also getting a bit wheezy so it will be back on the ABs for her today. Poor thing. She still enjoys coming out for her fruit pudding every evening but we have had to put a little wooden block by the cage door as she was starting to have difficulty getting out of the cage. She is definitely slowing down and showing her age but seems determined to keep going at the moment.

The big boys are fine, and Cromarty seems to get more cuddly and affectionate by the day. Fitzroy still isn’t all that bothered, but Cromarty (and Biscay, as it happens) will now lick my fingers while I’m giving scritches and fussings. I wish we knew how old they are, though.

Hoping you and yours are all well and happy.

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3 Responses to Na na na na na na na na RATMAAAAAN!

  1. Ratman is super cute. Glad to get an update on your FURmily

  2. Inaji says:

    Aaw, I’m glad Pinch is doing okay, and everyone is finally settling down. Best of luck with the illnesses, I hope they’re under control very quickly.

  3. ramblingratz says:

    Rats and their wheezes! Cute Ratman 🙂

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