Are you sure that’s the Easter Bunny?

Last weekend we went to a rat show with our friend N – she who makes hats for rats. This time she had made some little Easter Bunny ears, and this was really inevitable:








Of the three, Cromarty was the least bothered. Biscay hated them and Susan would only sit still and pose if given a treat.

In other news, we have had Biscay living with the little girls for three weeks with mixed results. To begin with they mostly ignored him or squeaked whenever he went near. After a week we transferred them into the top half of the big cage and all seemed to be ok, more or less. Then Sirocco decided to be difficult and start fights, so she has had to be separated. They have seen each other at playtimes and she is now taking balance drops, a herbal remedy for hormone troubles, in the hope it might settle her down a little. We will try to get her back in with the group after cage cleaning today. In the meantime it has given Biscay the chance to bond a bit better with Boots and Misty, and he has started snuggling up with them to sleep from time to time instead of being on his own. If Sirocco carries on being aggressive she might have to be spayed, but I am hoping it won’t come to that.


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2 Responses to Are you sure that’s the Easter Bunny?

  1. Inaji says:

    Susan is just too adorable for words. Got a lot of attitude.

  2. ramblingratz says:

    Cromarty is really rocking those bunny ears 🙂

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