Another go at getting it right

We keep tweaking the layout of the rat room (and the house in general, really) and with having four cages on the go it’s important to make sure the space is used as effectively as possible. Biscay spent a lot of last week in the back bedroom because there wasn’t really anywhere satisfactory to keep his cage in the rat room. Then, during cage cleaning this afternoon, J suggested some alterations which would make everything a lot easier and more logical. He did all the moving of furniture in between washing cage contents, while I dealt as usual with emptying and cleaning the cages themselves.

So now, when you open the rat room door, instead of a load of boxes of comics with a throw over them, you see this:

No, I haven't put the decals up yet. Why do you ask?

No, I haven’t put the decals up yet. Why do you ask?

The big group of girls is still in the same place, in the right hand corner by the window:

SONY DSCThe two loners are now doubled up on the cabinet, and the big lads are in the corner, on top of the weird built-in shelf bit that used to have a rickety wardrobe on it:

SONY DSCSo the single level cage with the blue tray is Pinch’s and the one standing on top of it is the borrowed cage which Biscay has to live in, until we’re sure he’s safe to go with the girls.

There was a lot of scrambling around and working out who the new neighbours are but it all seems to have calmed down again now. Though Biscay is doing his best to persuade me that he shouldn’t be alone:


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3 Responses to Another go at getting it right

  1. Inaji says:

    Aaaw, that face! Biscay is adorable, and I’m sure he’ll be happier when he’s approved for company. The rat room is looking good.

  2. Fryn says:

    Aww he’s sooo cute!!

  3. ramblingratz says:

    I hope they appreciate all your hard work!

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