The latest

Steady progress with the boys – when they come out for a run they are becoming more interested in interacting with us instead of just running around checking out the surroundings. Cromarty has even started licking hands a little though we are still a bit wary about this as he tends to check things out by nipping them. No bitten noses or ears yet, despite his sudden interest in getting up on our shoulders. Biscay likes to get on my shoulder but then can’t work out how to get down. He is still the least comfortable of the three with being handled and squawks when you pick him up, but I did manage to give him some scritches last night for a few minutes before he realised what was happening and escaped.

The drama this week has been with the girls. Last week things became very difficult for Pinch as Sirocco got more and more aggressive towards her and she began to get very withdrawn, so we took her out and put her by herself for a couple of days. On Friday I cleared the big cage out, took away anything that could be used to corner someone or as a defensive position, and tried to re-introduce her, but it has failed. She just doesn’t get on with the others and they don’t like her. So she now has the Mary to herself and seems a bit happier – she is eating well and comes out for cuddles and treats. We do get her out for playtime with the others but it usually ends in arguments so we will probably scale that back. She seems just as happy to come out by herself.

Last Saturday we spotted a lump on Sam, just below her left arm – classic mammary lump location. Mammary lumps are common, usually benign and can be removed easily as long as you do it before they get big. Somehow for the last few years we haven’t had any girls with lumps but at one time it seemed to happen all the time. So off we went on Monday to see the vet, who agreed that a swift operation was in order. On Wednesday morning I left her at the main surgery, and retrieved her minus lump in the afternoon. She’s been a model patient, has recovered well and is already back in the main cage. The worry is that she will get more lumps, but we will deal with that as and when it happens. If a doe has frequent recurring lumps sometimes a spay helps to prevent them returning but we can hope she doesn’t get any more. Time will tell.

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4 Responses to The latest

  1. ramblingratz says:

    I’ve found that rats are as individual as people when it comes to their personalities and social interactions. It is good that the boys seem to be coming out of their shells. Sigh – they do love to grow those tumours.

  2. jadefecteau says:

    How much does it cost for you to get them spayed or neutered? Where I live it costs $400.. but since I buy my rats already spayed or neutered for $80 I don’t have to worry about it.

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