The new trays are here!

It’s been quite exciting. Finally we have the new galvanised steel trays for the big cage – and not a moment too soon, as the girls had pretty much destroyed one of the plastic ones and made a good start on the other. We picked the trays up this morning and have just cleaned the cage and replaced the old trays with the new. They are a perfect fit, and as they are deeper than the plastic ones we look forward to less mess on the floor.

So the upper half of the cage looks like this (or did an hour ago, before we left them to it):



And this is the lower half:



We have added an extra ledge under the opening to help with getting over the raised lip of the tray, but considering the distances they can jump anyway it’s probably not that much of a big deal.

There was a certain amount of bemused examination of the trays:



Susan had a very thorough check of the doorway:

"Yep, we can still get out."

“Yep, we can still get out.”

Misty found she could see her reflection:

"That rat looks just like me!"

“That rat looks just like me!”

And Ragweed got freaked out and went to hide in her favourite sputnik.

"I'll stay here, thanks. It's familiar."

“I’ll stay here, thanks. It’s familiar.”

In other news, we have been nursing Bitesize through a nasty chest infection – she suddenly got very wheezy and started losing weight, Baytril improved things a little but not much, so she has been on a different antibiotic as well as an anti-inflammatory and has improved a lot. Very little wheezing now, and her appetite is much better.

The decals I ordered arrived eventually, so once we get the room painted I’ll take some pictures so you can see them in place.

Hope you and yours are all well.


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3 Responses to The new trays are here!

  1. Baytril is super horrible. Whee hope Bitesize starts to feel better soon. Nacho is taking some for a sore foot so he feels her pain!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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