What happens during cage-cleaning

Well, as a rule, not much. We get the rats out into carriers, clean the cages, put the rats back, and there you are. Takes about an hour and a half for two cages.

Today, two and a quarter hours. Firstly, after about 45 minutes, the burglar alarm went off. It wasn’t set – we don’t set it when we’re in during the day, on account of we’d set it off all the time and we’re not mad. Evidently we had a (very short) power cut and it goes off after a power cut so… cue frantic rush to put the code in and get the stupid thing to shut up.

Then, a bit later, J commented on how much the cupboard in the rat room is now leaning over. This cupboard came with the house and is a flatpack wardrobe with sliding doors. Some previous owner screwed it to the top of a sticky-out bit (technical term) of staircase structure that takes up space in the rat room. We’ve tended to fill it with stuff that doesn’t have anywhere else to go, mostly rat stuff and my cardmaking bits and bobs. For some time now J has been saying (in the middle of cage cleaning) that he wanted to dismantle it and while I agreed, it never seemed to be a good time. Today he realised that it wasn’t fastened to the wall and was definitely moving, so we decided that was it and it had to go.

It wasn’t easy – some helpful soul had glued bits of it together – but the upshot is there’s a bit more decorating to do in the rat room now. I’ve ordered some black ratty decals to celebrate.

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2 Responses to What happens during cage-cleaning

  1. ramblingratz says:

    Oh the trauma of those lovely stinks all cleaned up!

  2. Zest says:

    Ooh, ratty decals… please post about them when you get them! I can’t wait to live in a place where I can go nuts with ratty decor 🙂

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