100 posts, and performance anxiety

This is the 100th post on Owned by Rats. It’s taken me since 29th August 2010 to get here, which is fairly rubbish really – that’s not even one post a week. But we made it, here we are, and ever since I posted the 99th I’ve been worrying about this one. Part of me wanted to make it special, to mark the milestone somehow. The rest of me just wanted to get it over with.

On the whole, though, we can’t let it pass without a nod to how we got here. When I started writing here, we had fairly recently moved house owing to me getting a new job and relocating. We had five rats – the boys, Luther and Arkwright, and the girls, Domino, Cora and Clarice. Since then we’ve had a complete change of population and acquired a new and much bigger cage. We’ve moved house, had losses and gains, and now have our biggest population ever – I don’t think we would ever want more than ten, but for now, ten is what we have.

Along the way we have made new ratty friends, started going to rat shows (though not brave enough to actually show any of ours) and I published my little book, which sold around 50 copies. To be fair, that was about 45 more than I expected to sell, and I bought the first five myself.

The number of people reading the blog continues to surprise and please me, so I would like to thank you all very much for the support. The rats would like to thank you as well.



Here’s to the next 100 posts. (Is that a threat, or a promise? You decide!)


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3 Responses to 100 posts, and performance anxiety

  1. Zest says:

    Well done! Life with 10 rats must be insane; our four are already only just manageable, haha! 😀

  2. Well done! They are so cute, I love seeing pigtures of them!

    ~ Amy

  3. Caine says:

    Oh, those photos made me laugh! A wonderful way to celebrate.

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