The Magnificent Seven are about the chewiest rats we’ve ever had. I may already have mentioned their destruction of the cage trays. They love to chew. Though I suspect much of the impetus comes from the two youngest, Ragweed and Scarecrow, as the general chew rate went through the roof when they joined us.

So last time I was at the local pet feeds shop stocking up on grains and things for their dry mix, I also bought several new chew toys for them to provide a little more variety. One was a mobile – which apparently brings the joys of the night sky to your pet’s cage. Not for long, with our lot. Within a few hours of it going in the cage they had managed to pull it up into a hammock for chewing-while-lounging action, and two of the little planets were gone. It’s pretty much all destroyed now, and I’ve got no idea what they’ve done with the bell.

The most impressive, though, was the Nut Knot Nibbler. I found a large one of these for half price, thinking it would keep them amused for quite a while. We used to have a smaller one which got chewed a bit in a desultory fashion from time to time then ignored and widdled on. Eventually it just got foul so we threw it away. But this one… They’ve had it for three weeks. It’s held up pretty well, all things considered. Till now.

I went in this morning to top up food bowls. Six of the seven came racing to see me and investigate breakfast. Ragweed stayed where she was, holding what I thought was one of the wooden planets from the mobile. When she realised I was looking at her, she very deliberated turned her back to hide what she was chewing from me. A bit later I saw one of the others with the same object, and realised that it was actually the shell of the walnut from the Nibbler – and the Nibbler itself had been reduced to a small heap of bits of multicoloured wood.

I’m so proud.

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3 Responses to Triumph

  1. thecreativecortex says:

    I might have to look into getting one of those nut knot nibblers, my boys are absolute fiends for chewing – and so fast! One managed to chew a hole in a shoe I was actually wearing at the time before I realised what he was doing!

  2. Zest says:

    Our new ratties are our first chewers… shew, it’s tough finding enough stuff to entertain/distract them. They even chew the quartz rocks I put in their cage as decoration! :-O

  3. Caine says:

    Ah, walnut shells – mine go through those like they were paper. A while back, for no reason in particular, I bought them a coconut. Some quick work with a hammer broke it into pieces, and they were all happily chewing it to bits.

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