The nightly head count

Since we set up the big cage with the seven youngsters, I have regularly counted heads. Partly this is to make sure no-one’s stuck in a hammock or hiding somewhere while choking, and partly to make sure everyone’s clear of the doors.

On Monday evening, after feeding time, I didn’t do the head count. Why not? No idea. It never occurred to me. Food in cages, ratties happily eating, no need to count.

At bedtime (ours, that is) I went in to say goodnight and found Boots sitting on the cabinet next to the grumpies’ cage. The big cage was firmly shut and she can’t squeeze out through the bars. The only conclusion was that she got out while I was feeding them, and I didn’t notice. At least she didn’t go far.

And I’m back to counting heads.

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3 Responses to The nightly head count

  1. ramblingratz says:

    A long time ago, Rambling Ratz was on hols and left his pals in the care of their granma. When she got up one morning there was one missing – she thought the others had eaten him!! She’d accidentally shut him out and she found him asleep in the bag of yoghurt drops …

  2. Zest says:

    Hehehe, we ratty parents always have to be vigilant hey 🙂

  3. ownedbyrats says:

    This evening she did it again, though fortunately we caught her straight away. You’d think after one experience of being stuck away from the food for an hour or so she’d think twice about trying it again, but apparently not.

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