The two new babies arrived last night, from our friends at Comis Stud. They were born in June and are a little younger than Sirocco, Boots and Misty but not noticeably smaller. They’re both agouti, one rex and one smooth coated and have lovely cheeky faces. Continuing our current theme of Ian McNabb-related song and album titles, they will be called Scarecrow and Ragweed – we just haven’t decided which is which yet.

They all had a short intro on the spare bed while I emptied the litter tray and rearranged the furniture a little, then we put them in the cage to get on with it. A certain amount of chasing. bum-sniffing and squeaking ensued, but things have calmed down now. They’re not snuggling up like besties – the agoutis tend to sleep downstairs in the plastic fortress while the older girls sleep in the hammocks – but they’re not trying to kill each other either.

Hoping to get some photos in the next day or so.

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One Response to Newbies

  1. Zest says:

    Can’t wait to see pics 🙂

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