Interesting times

The rat room is going to be filling up with youngsters again. Just over a month ago we gave a home to Sirocco, Boots and Misty and in a couple of days two new baby girls will join them. It’s all very exciting. So we will have the five little ones in the top of the Explorer, but next weekend will aim to open up the levels so the five babies and Samhain & Saturnalia all have the full run of the entire cage. S & S get on fine with the three younger girls, and if we weren’t about to acquire the two new ones we would be combining the two groups this weekend anyway.

This afternoon we cleaned the cages, and I found that at least one of the three little ones is a destructo girl – the corners of the cage tray have been given a good chewing and now have holes in them. It’s just as well they didn’t develop this little habit when they were in the Furet. At least in the Explorer, holes in the tray just lead them to the cage bars – in the Furet they’d have been escapees in no time. Hopefully the distractions of new friends and extra cage space will do the trick. I’m going to start looking for some replacement trays just in case.

The old grumpies are adapting to being in the Mary and are reasonably well. Hawkeye is definitely losing use of his back feet but still manages fairly well; Pinch and Bitesize are still sneezy, but that is nothing new. They often see S & S at playtimes and they all seem to enjoy that, so as long as they get out and have a bit of variety they don’t seem to mind the smaller cage too much.

I have invested in some much bigger food bowls, so that once we have the big group of girls it’s easier to make sure they have access to food. The new bowls are big enough to hold a couple of days’ food if necessary, and were half price in the pet section of our local garden centre. The assistant was open-mouthed when I told her we were going to be having a group of seven girls – “What, all in together?” Well, yes, hence the bowls…

No doubt there will be pictures of the new arrivals soon, and of everyone else too. Sirocco is already starting to roan – there are white hairs appearing in her black stripe. As I have white hairs starting to appear in my hair too, I’ve decided I’m not going grey – I’m roaning. Sounds much nicer, doesn’t it?

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