Headed for the retirement home

Otherwise known as the Mary cage, of course. Hawkeye is limping again, which means that the Explorer ladder probably wasn’t the cause of his foot injury, and he’d just managed not to hurt it for a few weeks. He got a bit stuck in the hammock yesterday evening, and it was when I retrieved him that I realised he was not putting weight on one of his back feet.

So tomorrow will be all change again – he will have to go in the Mary, with Pinch and Bitesize for company (I don’t normally like more than two in the Mary but I don’t want to split the group). The babies will then go in the Explorer, not sure which half yet, but before too long we should be able to open up the levels again so all five youngsters get the whole cage between them.

I’ll probably have a photo session once the deed is done.

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One Response to Headed for the retirement home

  1. Zest says:

    Our Flea is in the same state; hind-leg degeneration and the general slowing down of old age. We recently gave her a retirement cage as we prep the big cage for our upcoming bubs 🙂 Sending old Hawkeye lots of good vibes!

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