Settling in

The new girls are getting used to us, and we’re getting used to them. They are typical babies, bouncy and energetic, hanging off the bars as soon as you go in the room.



Boots has a tickle spot, which is rather endearing. She is the smallest of the three and to a certain extent the most timid.

Misty: "Freedom!"

Misty: “Freedom!”



Boots: "Huh?"

Boots: “Huh?”

Everyone else is much the same. all five continue to have at least some playtimes together but are still in separate halves of the Explorer. Pinch can be a bit nasty with the younger girls, and Hawkeye can be a bit enthusiastic, if you get my meaning. I’d hate for anyone to get hurt just because I was trying to cram everyone into one cage.

Sam and Susan had their photos taken this weekend:



They’re just about fully grown now, so we have to start making sure they don’t grow sideways. This evening we started them on the stair climbing regime, which they took well enough, so we can do that regularly if we think they’re not getting enough of a run.

The grumpies didn’t want their photos taken – only Pinch bothered to emerge:



Bitesize did at least turn and face me, but Hawkeye kept his back firmly turned.

SONY DSCEveryone is coping fairly well with the heat; they have a fan in their room, and cold granite blocks or frozen water bottles to create “air conditioning”. Pinch and Bitesize are a little wheezy, but not much more so than is normal for them.

The three little babies had a couple of intro sessions with Sam and Susan but we decided they’re just that bit too small, so we will wait a few more weeks. It’s entirely possible that Hawkeye’s back legs will get weaker anyway and the three grumps will move into the Mary before too much longer, so it may work out that way. We’ll see.

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8 Responses to Settling in

  1. Caine says:

    Oh, they are all so adorable. There’s nothing quite like little ratlets, especially when they are still in the popcorn stage and uber-excitable about, well, everything.

  2. thecreativecortex says:

    They are so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Zest says:

    Very sweet! And wonderful to have ratties of all ages to enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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