Rats in Hats

Yes, it can be done, even with my lot, and there are photos to prove it. We have a friend who makes little hats for her ratties and also to sell, so I bought some. At first the kids were understandably reluctant to get involved but a couple of days of giving them just a few seconds of hat time every so often has helped.

They were all up and about this morning for some reason, so I took the chance to get them out and try them all with hats, and these are the results.



Hawkeye initially wore his crown at a rakish angle, but I did manage to get him to wear it straight for long enough to get a pic:



Incidentally, if anyone’s concerned about the band holding the hat on, it’s actually quite loose, and they only wear the hats for a moment anyway.

Pinch was a slightly unwilling participant:



And Bitesize refused to have anything to do with it, but had a treat anyway.



I think she was rather sleepy and grumpy, and possibly a couple of other dwarves as well.

The young girls were quite happy to be pretty princesses:



But when I tried to get Saturnalia into the jester’s hat, she pulled it off and tried to eat it:



They both got treats anyway, and ate them while sitting nose to tail under a cushion.



And a big thank you to N for the hats 🙂

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3 Responses to Rats in Hats

  1. Zest says:

    Oh how cute!! Love it 🙂

  2. Caine says:

    They are all adorable! I’m pretty sure all of mine would have gone the same route as Saturnalia – pull it off and chew on it. 😀

  3. ramblingratz says:

    As you can see from my gravatar, I too am a rat in a hat. Slightly less successful at persuading my old ratty pals to wear those woolly hats off Innocent smoothie bottles …

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