I left you hanging…

I’m so sorry. The last week has been fairly hectic. I kept intending to post an update on Pinch’s condition but time just got away from me.

On Monday morning I took her to our usual vet. They kept her in for the day to spay her, and it turned out that the part that prolapsed was oviduct and fallopian tube – how on earth it got all the way out is a mystery. Anyway, she was pronounced ready to come home and I picked her up at about three o’clock. Apparently she was a big hit with everyone – they all took turns cuddling her as she came round after the op.

This time she took a lot longer to recover from the anaesthetic. I transferred her into the Mary cage, single level but big enough for her to have company in the form of Bitesize. Pinch wasn’t much interested, though, and nor would she eat or drink. She staggered around the cage, through the bowl of porridge I put for her (so then we had to try and give her a bath, which was fun), fell over, and generally seemed to have no idea where she was or which way was up. Her nose and eyes were running with stress, always alarming when the mucus and tears are dark red. All we could do was hope that she would wear herself out and go to sleep, and I think eventually she did. Both girls seemed to sleep for a lot of Tuesday, while Hawkeye sat by himself looking lonely and disconsolate.

By Tuesday evening Pinch was much better so I put both girls back with Hawkeye and all three spent the next 24 hours snuggled up together. She is back to her old self, a bit thinner and with a big scar on her tummy, but otherwise fine. She’s on Baytril and guzzles the baby food I hide it in quite happily. Let’s hope she soon forgets the whole ordeal.

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3 Responses to I left you hanging…

  1. BinkyBunnyHouse says:

    Glad she is feeling better. I hope she still chomps down on the baby food!

    Just to let you know, I really enjoy your blog and have nominated you for an award πŸ™‚

    • ownedbyrats says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚ She’s doing really well – we had a post-op check at the vet’s last night and he was impressed with how energetic she is.

      And thank you for the nomination, too! πŸ˜€

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