A quiet Saturday night in

In the emergency vets, that is. Far too much of this weekend has been spent there. It all started last night when the oldies were out for their exercise. Something was amiss with Pinch, as in a bit that should be inside was outside. We took her to the emergency vet and they confirmed it was a prolapse.

The vet assumed initially that it was rectal, and we had a long talk about the risks of anaesthetic for such a small animal, as well as the expense of the procedure to put it back. We decided the risks were worth it as she is otherwise pretty healthy and not visibly at Death’s door, and left her (as we thought) overnight.

The vet rang us once the procedure was finished to say it was vaginal, much easier to deal with and we could pick her up in about an hour. (It was already 10.45pm by this point.) So off we went, and she seemed fine. We made an appointment for a follow up check this morning.

But this morning it had happened again. So she is back there having the same procedure, only this time they are going to try to put in a “purse string” suture to stop it recurring, at least temporarily, until we can get her to our regular vet tomorrow – and we hope, get her spayed. I did suggest to the vet this morning that they should just spay her and have done but he was reluctant to do something so invasive just yet.

Poor little Pinch – she is such a sweet, good-natured little girl. Hawkeye and Bitesize are missing her, and so are we. Let’s hope she is home safe and sound very soon, and all this is sorted out. In the meantime, J is having some house painting therapy, and I have gone for writing therapy – a new post will also be going up at The Random Gardener fairly soon.

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5 Responses to A quiet Saturday night in

  1. I hope everything works out ok, what a worrying time for you.

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  3. Caine says:

    Oh no, never an easy time. I hope Pinch comes through her surgery with flying colours and you’re able to get her to your regular vet soon. We’re so lucky to have a rat vet, she is absolutely splendid. She spayed all our girls and they all came through the surgery magnificently.

    I hope Pinch is back home with all of you by now, well and safe.

    • ownedbyrats says:

      Thank you. We fetched her this afternoon, she seems ok and is eating well but we are keeping her separate for now. She saw her cagemates for a few minutes this afternoon, but I can’t risk putting her back in the main cage till we know she is fully recovered. I’ll talk to our vet tomorrow and see how soon we can get her looked at.

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