British Summer Time at last

Yes, the clocks have gone forwards – much to the surprise of the rats, who tried to convince us we were an hour early coming to clean the cages yesterday. They were very firmly asleep, and quite put out by our insistence that it was 2pm, not 1pm, and definitely cage cleaning time.

I took some pictures once everything was clean and tidy – the Explorer:

Baby girls upstairs, old grumpies downstairs

Baby girls upstairs, old grumpies downstairs

The youngsters went back first, and had a good look round to make sure it was up to scratch:





I added an extra rope bridge last week as the hammock they had was a little awkward to get in and out of. The main benefit it seems to have had is to make it easier for them to play their favourite in-cage game, The Floor Is Lava (at least, I assume that’s what they’re playing, judging by the crashing noises. I can never catch them at it – as soon as I walk in the room, all I see is a pair of girls sitting quietly in the corner if the cage, the picture of wide-eyed innocence).

The oldies went back once the little ones were settled. Bitesize refused to be photographed, but Hawkeye is a complete poser even while checking out the food bowl:


SONY DSCAnd then I got this photo of Pinch, which I think is one of my best.

So on that note, I hope you and yours all had an enjoyable Easter weekend.


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