A little creativity

Last Wednesday one of my colleagues came round to help me clear out my wardrobe – she was very organised, we got everything out by category starting with trousers and working through tops, jumpers, shirts, skirts and dresses, and she told me in no uncertain terms that a lot of it had to go. Some things that were unusable in any way went straight in the bin, and some will go to a charity shop.

Why am I telling you this? because of the third option – turn it into rat hammocks. A few pairs of canvas trousers and a couple of shirts have joined the pile of fabric scraps and old clothes suitable for reuse, as hammocks, shelf coverings or just chopped up as bedding. So yesterday I made a start on some new hammock-type things and have almost completed one. The problem I have is that without a sewing machine (nowhere to put one, and couldn’t really justify the expense) everything has to be sewn by hand which is time-consuming. It’s also painful, as I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. If I could just sit and sew for a couple of days it wouldn’t take long to get a bunch of hammocks finished, but I have to stop regularly to keep my hands from seizing up or going numb.

Nevertheless, I’ll get there. Today I’ve almost finished a large flat hammock with a sort of part cover on top, made out of an old pair of canvas jeans and the back of a red velvet shirt. Next I have cut out a double decker – short tube hammock below, with an open level on top. That’s made of denim, the tube will be lined with velvet and the open level with fleece. Soon we’ll have more hammocks than the rats can actually use!

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