An award nomination? Why, thank you!

What a lovely surprise – I have been nominated by Zest at for a Versatile Blogger award – thank you, Zest!

versatileblogger111 for more on the VBA.

So, the next thing I have to to is share seven things about myself. Let’s see…

1. My husband and I have the same birthday, born a year apart.

2. We got married in 2008, on the tenth anniversary of our relationship starting.

3. I love comedy gigs and have seen Eddie Izzard and Bill Bailey several times.

4. Terry Pratchett and Jasper Fforde are the only fiction authors I read regularly – I much prefer non-fiction.

5. Ian McNabb is my favourite singer.

6. My right ear is deformed, and both ears are slightly pointed – when we were kids, my brother used to call me Spock because of my ears.

7. I once worked on an archaeological excavation with a member of the British royal family.


And now for my fifteen nominations. Gulp. This is actually quite hard! Some of these are friends, either online or IRL, and others are blogs I’ve discovered (especially on WordPress) by searching for rats, gardens and photography.
















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6 Responses to An award nomination? Why, thank you!

  1. Helen Johnstone says:

    Many thanks for the nomination much appreciated.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for the nomination! And congratulations on an award-winning blog 😀

  3. Thanks for the nomination!!

  4. nefertari485 says:

    Thanks for the nomination! And yes, it has taken me this long to notice I had a comment on my blog 🙂 I’ll have to read through the versatile blogger page, see what this is all about. Cheers!

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