Moving on

It’s been a bit odd since Radar left us. Hawkeye still has his bachelor pad in the top half of the Explorer, with the girls downstairs, but we have regular playdates so he gets his ears washed and pursues Bitesize round and round the bed. These encounters are rather mixed in atmosphere, and the one who seems least happy about the whole thing is Bitesize, perhaps not surprisingly.

We decided to start keeping an eye out for girls in need of homes, thinking that if Bitesize didn’t get on with Hawkeye she might be better off with a couple of youngsters to boss around. Hawkeye and Pinch seem to be fine together, so if need be they share a cage and Bitesize gets her own new cagemates. I came across a breeder with two girls looking for a home and we set everything in motion. We are collecting the new girls from a rat show next Saturday – one is black Irish and the other is agouti Berkshire, and we haven’t decided on names yet.

So the first playdate after arranging to have these girls was fantastic, and everyone got on fine – no aggro, no sulking or hiding on Bitesize’s part – and the next one was the complete opposite with Hawkeye apparently annoying the hell out of both girls equally. At this rate I think we will intro the new girls to Pinch and Bitesize, and leave Hawkeye in his own space. He can still see Pinch and Bitesize at playtimes, but the young girls will probably annoy him (or he’ll upset them).

We’ll see how it all goes, and may swap around again once the new girls have settled in. I wouldn’t like Hawkeye to be on his own indefinitely, but I don’t want the girls to be unhappy and I think Bitesize would be if we put them together.

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7 Responses to Moving on

  1. Kokomo says:

    Sounds like quite a dilemma! I had to get a new rat because my intro wasn’t going well either, and that was all girls too! But I assume hawkeye has been ‘helped’ ? πŸ™‚ Hope a solution finds its way into your cage(s)!

    • ownedbyrats says:

      By “helped” I guess you mean neutered – yes, he was done several months ago, otherwise there would be no question of letting him anywhere near the girls πŸ˜‰ We got them all out together last night and they all got along fine, so after cage cleaning today we are going to open up the access between the levels and hope for the best. They’ll have a week of having the whole cage, then next week when the new girls join us we’ll close the access again, the new girls will have the bottom half and intros will start all over again.

  2. I find you blog fascinating and your love of rats wonderful. The world needs more people with a love for animals like you.
    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. Much appreciated.

  3. Zest says:

    Hi there, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  4. What names did y’all settle on?

    • ownedbyrats says:

      We still haven’t chosen! We pick the girls up tomorrow, so it’ll probably be a case of seeing what they’re like and then coming up with something. At least the other three are all happily sharing a cage now, so no more worries on that score.

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