You never need an excuse to post photos

We haven’t taken playtime pictures for a while so decided to snap a few yesterday evening.  All things considered, everyone was remarkably co-operative even after they’d eaten the choc drops we gave them to try and get them to pose nicely (i.e. just sit still for a moment). For a change we got the girls out first, as lately the boys haven’t been properly up and about and consequently just hide under cushions and refuse to do anything.

So, girls first:

Pinch eating her choc drop

and then being nosy – “Are there any more treats? Can I have another?”

Bitesize tucking in to her treat

and looking all innocent – “Me, plotting to steal more treats? Never!”

Hawkeye ate his choc drop so quickly I didn’t get a picture of him eating. The next best thing was one of him clearly wondering if he can steal Radar’s:

Hawkeye: “I can has?”
Radar: “Clear off, gutbucket, this one’s mine!”

They then went into posing mode. Radar actually posed very well, much better than normal – maybe he was hoping for another choc drop.

Hello, Mum!

Hawkeye – Action Rat

He poses! He stands! He has moving eyes and gripping hands!

Radar – Matinee Idol

You paparazzi get everywhere – I don’t get a moment’s peace!

We have had a change of heart about the arrangement at the new house. On further consideration, the middle room downstairs won’t be suitable – it contains the boiler, a gas fire and a radiator so is likely to be much too hot , as well as being the room most likely to have a carbon monoxide issue. There isn’t really a suitable wall to put the cage against so they could end up being exposed to daylight all the time, which isn’t good for them. So we have decided that they will go in the second bedroom, which will also house the desk and printer and J’s comics. He’ll probably spend a fair bit of time in there. The smallest bedroom will then be the guest room, which will mean a guest will at least have a room to themselves without us needing to get in there and fetch books or print stuff out.

Maybe it’ll all change again. We’ll see.










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