A few cage photos

We are back to sweltering temperatures here, so the rats get a slightly pared-down cage setup rather than loads of paper and cosy hammocks. We have solved the conundrum of the half-width shelves in the boys’ cage, so I thought after cleaning today was a good time to take some quick photos of the cages.

The girls’ cage looks like this at the moment:

There are rats in there somewhere, honest.

They have a simple open hammock with the cotton side up, and a fleecy corner hammock. Less shredded paper than usual, as they shouldn’t need it to keep warm.

The girls were rather camera shy today, which isn’t like them. I got this one of Bitesize:

Hello Mum!

But Pinch was too busy eating – you can just see her tail in the igloo.

The boys’ cage now looks like this:

Can’t talk – eating.

The boys were a little more co-operative about pictures:

Though Radar does look a little shifty in this one.

Classic family photos – one’s got one eye shut and the other’s got a mouthful of food. I don’t know why I bother.





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4 Responses to A few cage photos

  1. kokoruma says:

    Loving these pictures! More please 🙂

  2. Aww I love the pictures. My mum used to have pet rats and she swears they are super intelligent. She said she taught one pair to do a trick with a rolled up ball of paper! She’s a bit sad that she can’t have them anymore. I’m to quick to be trusted even with the best intentions she doesn’t want to take the risk!

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