Quick hello

A very short post, as there are never enough hours in the day! Important things we have found out recently: next door’s shower has been leaking into our rat room, but no adverse effects on the ratties as it’s just a damp patch on the wall at the moment; and the boys’ cage is not a Critter Nation as I originally thought but a Liberta Explorer. Not that it makes a lot of difference, but it does mean that I found some relevant photos that might help with getting the half-shelves installed.

I have managed to get a little bit of video of the kids, slightly shaky but not too bad. Alas, I won’t be posting them here as I’m too mean to pay for the video upgrade 😉

Things might go a bit quiet for a while as we are in the process of selling our house (not the one we currently live in – that’s rented. It’s complicated) and looking to buy one we actually get to live in. So I will post if I get chance, and once we manage to move then no doubt there will be pictures of the new rat room.

Keep your fingers crossed that we find somewhere nice!

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