No video yet, because I’m rubbish

Title says it all, really. I just can’t seem to get properly organised to have the camera phone and the rats together in a room with sufficient light to be able to get some footage. Never mind.

The good news is that the boys are happily reunited after a bit of a false start twor weeks ago. We put them together on the Sunday after cage cleaning and they were a bit grumpy, then by the evening it was turning fairly hostile. This time the aggression was coming from Radar, apparently trying to regain some initiative now that Hawkeye’s testosterone levels have been drastically reduced. Hawkeye was finding himself backed into corners by an irritated Radar, and he was clearly scared.

So we separated them again, then on Monday evening we got them out together on the sofa. Hawkeye forcibly groomed Radar several times but there was no aggression or fighting; we reopened the cage access between the two levels again, and they have been fine ever since. In fact they are back to how they were before all the aggression started in the first place, and seem really happy – when they come out for a run there is so much bruxing going on I can hardly believe it.

Hawkeye did develop a bit of an abscess on the operation site but that has responded well to antibiotics and is pretty much gone now. Relief all round.

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2 Responses to No video yet, because I’m rubbish

  1. Good to hear. Am going through a similar situation here. My boy D’Niro lost his cagemate in June and I adopted a young boy to keep him company. He wasn’t keen on it at first, after getting a lot of one on one time out of the cage with me ( I was worried about grieving and being alone while I was at work). They seem to be doing fine now. Sometimes it just takes getting used to the idea. Putting them together in a large playpen/cage worked well. Gave them time to get to know one another, and accept the situation,

    • ownedbyrats says:

      It’s just a shame that we had to have Hawkeye snipped for them to settle down again – though I’m glad we didn’t need to get Radar done too! They are both much happier now.

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