Keep those fingers crossed

Deep breath. Hawkeye and Radar are sharing a cage again. We decided to give it a go after this afternoon’s cleaning session. I’ve just checked on them and they are firmly sticking to the levels they’re familiar with from their separation, but they’ve both been up and down through the access between the levels so they know it’s all open.

We started the re-introductions last Sunday after cleaning, and have kept at it all week. Then this afternoon we put them in one carrier together while we cleaned the cages. There has been some tension, as expected, but not the aggression we saw in Hawkeye before his op. Instead, Radar has been throwing his weight around somewhat, probably because he realises Hawkeye is not the rat he used to be. Some sparring to re-establish dominance is normal, and Radar seems to be seizing his chance to become alpha. This is the sort of tension which we as owners have to leave them to sort out.

There’s a bit of crashing around going on, but I am pretty much leaving them to it. They will find their balance again, I’m sure. In the meantime they have some new hammocks and other bits of furniture to distract them.

The girls continue to thrive, and to resist all efforts at litter training. They too have a new hammock and seem very pleased with it. It pretty much fills the top half of their cage.

Not much other ratty news just now. I’m hoping to get some video of them soon, so watch this space.

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