A few quick pictures

They were up and about this morning when I went to get the camera (planning to go out in the garden and take photos for my other blog) so I took some of them, too. Well, Radar wasn’t up and about, but the others were.

Hawkeye managed to blink as I took his picture.

Radar stayed very firmly in bed, but did pose nicely.

Pinch: Are you food? No? Then why are you bothering me?

Bitesize: Hmm, the door is open. How far can I get before the human catches me?

Just sitting here, looking cute. Move along, nothing to see.

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2 Responses to A few quick pictures

  1. caineflower says:

    Oh your crew is adorable! Little buggers take over your life. Our first rat was a rescue, doing a favour for a friend…some favour, we haven’t been without a rat since! 😀

  2. kokoruma says:

    Adorable. I love the color on Pinch’s nose!

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