Feeling hot, hot, hot

Atypically for Britain, we have hot weather at the moment. This week the temperature has been routinely in the mid 20s (Centigrade) during the day and mid teens at night. I’m not much of a hot weather person myself but it must be even worse for the rats – at least I don’t wear an un-removable fur coat!

So our usual methods for keeping them cooler have swung into action. They have a fan in their room, on a timer so it comes on at intervals during the day. When we are at home the window is open – I only close it when we are both out (I’m a little paranoid like that). And they have granite blocks which go in the freezer overnight then in the cages during the day. On Thursday, when I did the weekly shop, I bought them some frozen berries. They were bemused at first but now seem to be enjoying them.

It’s taken it out of them a bit, I think, especially the boys. I went upstairs the other evening to find Radar flaked out on a ledge looking very flat, but mostly they seem to be coping.

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