World Rat Day

Today, April 4th 2012, is the tenth World Rat Day. It was started with the aim of promoting the positives about rats. Every year I think I should try to do something, even if it’s just having some ratty friends over for tea and cake, but it always slips my mind until a few days before.

This year I thought our rats should at least get a bit of a treat on what is, after all, their special day. Now, I’m fairly strict with our kids – they get very little dairy or sugar as a rule – but one of the small hollow chocolate eggs I bought for our Easter egg hunt at work had been smashed and fallen on the floor, so I nabbed it to be the ratties’ Easter Egg, and decided they could have a little taste today in honour of Their Day.

They were mostly not to sure what to do with it as none of them had had chocolate before. and in fact Hawkeye dropped his after his first taste and had to be persuaded to have another go. But in the end they all enjoyed it.

Hawkeye: "Mum, are you trying to poison me?"

Radar: "Shut up and eat it, you fool."

I did have the usual trouble trying to photograph the boys, hence the odd camera angle in the photo of Radar. Of course I got the obligatory one of them hanging over the edge of the bed:

"Mum! Mum!"

But I also managed to get a couple of good ones:

Radar attempting to look mean and moody

Hawkeye, momentarily confused as to where I am

The girls were equally unsure about chocolate to start with but also tucked in when they got the idea.

Pinch: "Om nom nom nom."

Bitesize: "Mmm, maybe if we're really good we can have this more often."

A few other pics of the girls too – together:

Well, sort of together, anyway

And separately:

Bitesize posing

Pinch going for extreme close up (and ending up a little out of focus, but I think it's a cute pic)

Happy World Rat Day!


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2 Responses to World Rat Day

  1. Happy World Rat Day to you too! We celebrated by getting our ratty girls out for a tickle. Rats rule!

  2. Your rats are simply beautiful! We have had our share of them, and they are the most wonderful pets!

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