Some sad and some happy

We had a bit of a photo session this evening, which went about as well as expected – the boys rush towards me so I end up with a lot of pictures of them leaning out from the edge of the bed, and the girls mostly ignored the whole business.

Before we get to the happy and the cute pics of the baby girls, though, there is a little sad this week too. Our old girl Clarice has left us and gone to be reunited with her sister Cora and their friends Domino and Arkwright. She became rather weak and wobbly last week which I thought was old age and a bit of hind leg degeneration, but she took a turn for the worse at the weekend and from the symptoms it was clear she had a pituitary tumour. We didn’t think she would last the weekend, but she held on, and we had already decided that if she hung on till Monday we would call the vet and arrange for her to be helped on her way. And that was how it worked out, in the end. Our vet is very good, and gave Clarice a little anaesthetic gas before the injection so she was already asleep. All very peaceful.

Clarice in happier, healthier times. And with a treat.

So, life with our four bouncy youngsters continues. The boys were unco-operative about photos but we got a few good ones:

Hawkeye - the flash was a bit bright so he looks rather more silvered than he actually is.

Radar, distracted with a yoghurt drop just long enough for J to take a photo of him sitting still.

The boys together in typical "Mum, what are you doing?" pose.

The girls were rather better behaved, and look to be turning into right little posers.


Look at me, I'm cuter than Bitesize!

And Bitesize:

Sorry Pinch - you're not cuter than me.

Catalogue pose

And hit them with your most adorable smile.


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One Response to Some sad and some happy

  1. Aaahhhhhhh! Beauties!

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