A moment of panic

Radar keeps giving us these heart-stopping moments at cage cleaning time. Last time it was nearly a broken foot. This time – well, for a while we thought it was going to be much worse.

Hawkeye was already out of the cage and having a fuss, while Radar was in a hammock with his back to us. This is normal, and usually I shake the hammock a bit or even take it down altogether to persuade him out. This time – no response. I shook the hammock. Nothing. I poked his rear end. Nothing. I started to panic, and went to pick him up – for a horrible second he felt lifeless. He couldn’t be – he’s less than  a year old. He’s healthy.

As I started to close my hand over him, he twitched and looked round. A disgusted look, that clearly said “I was having a lovely dream – about girls, or food, or something. Anyway, it was lovely. And you woke me up. You will pay for this, pathetic human.”

Radar, I’m so sorry I interrupted your dream. I’m just glad you’re ok.

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