Not forgetting the boys

I didn’t just take pictures of the girls the other night – I just about managed to get some of the boys too. Trying to take their pictures is harder than you might think, especially when I’m on my own, as they are so mummy-fixated that they will run to the edge of the bed nearest to me and lean out, rather than doing anything interesting. So I end up with a lot of pictures like this:

or variations on that theme. I did use chew toys to try and get them to do something else:

Only a partial success, but I do love Radar’s face in this one!

We have names for the girls – I get to have a Bitesize, at last, and the other will be Pinch (J saw an interview in the paper with a club dj called Pinch, and thought it was a good name). All we have to do now is decide which is which.

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