The new girls

So, we were able to move quickly on getting company for Clarice. I went to see the same breeder yesterday, taking Clarice with me, and collected two young girls.

The breeder, Lyn, has so many lovely rats and their temperament is fantastic. Cora and Clarice were friendly and happy from the start, and the two new girls are shaping up the same way. They are currently called Nicki and Maxine but the names may change, as our names normally reflect our tastes in genre literature and films – a decision has yet to be made.

They are gorgeous girls – this is Nicki, the wheaten Burmese:

And Maxine, the black-eyed Siamese rex:

Clarice is a little unimpressed, so far, but things seem to be settling down. I think Maxine is trying to be friendly and fairly submissive, but is also slightly pushy, which probably stems from having been in  a big group of girls of a similar age. So she was trying to pounce on Clarice to groom her, but Clarice is very touchy at the moment, and it was leading to arguments. Still, when I got home from work today they were all snuggled up together. So that’s a good sign.

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2 Responses to The new girls

  1. They are adorable! I was at my neighbors house yesterday and they have two blue-grey rats. They are so acrobatic, I call them ninja rats! Haha. 😀

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