Here we go again

This is really not a post I expected to be writing just yet. Yesterday morning I had a terrible shock – our lovely mad girl Cora had died in the night. I have had one rat go suddenly, once before, but she was older; Cora was 21 months old, about in her 60s in human terms. We had no warning – she had been treated a few times for respiratory infection but had not shown any symptoms of late.

So, out of the blue, we have a lone girl on our hands. This is always a worry – especially if you don’t know how long it will be before you can get company for them, or how they will react to new rats anyway. Thankfully both Cora and Clarice have always been even-tempered and very co-operative at intros. As soon as I had texted J to let him know what had happened (he is working away from home during the week, and was halfway to London when I found her) I contacted the breeder from whom we had the girls back in 2010.

In the first place, this is a courtesy because good breeders keep in touch with the ups and downs of the rats they bred. She may need to know for all sorts of reasons that we had had a sudden death. But also, she lives less than 20 miles away and is the obvious person to ask about company for Clarice – not just as a breeder, but also she has rescues and knows other people who also rescue.

The good news is that she has come through for us – she has some girls, about 4 months or so old, for us to choose from. So I have the day off work tomorrow, and I will take Clarice with me so that she can meet her new friends, and travel home with them. Then I’ll have the afternoon to organise the cage, and get them all settled in together.

Pictures will follow, no doubt.

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